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List of Seasonal Jobs

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Seasonal jobs often appeal to teenagers and other young workers who have free time during their summer vacations. However, there are seasonal jobs available for many types of workers at any time of year. Adults and full-time workers sometimes pick up a seasonal job to bring in extra money over a short period of time.


During the summer, the tourism industry hires hundreds of workers as families take their summer vacations. Look for work as a hostess, cook, cleaner or crew manager at a hotel or resort. These jobs typically begin in May and end in September, although peak tourism time periods differ by region. People who enjoy the outdoors might consider working at a state or national park, leading camping trips or organizing outdoor adventure tours.

General Labor

Many seasonal employers need extra labor during their busiest season. In the summer, look for lawn maintenance, painting, construction, landscaping and other warm-weather jobs. Winter increases the demand for snowplow drivers and snow shovelers in chilly states.

Camp Counselor

Many teenagers work as camp counselors on their summer breaks from high school or college. Becoming a camp counselor requires excellent communication skills, patience with young children and enthusiasm for outdoor activities. Inquire at a summer camp you attended as a child, or look for work at a camp that shares your personal or religious beliefs.


The winter holiday shopping season officially begins on "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers often hire extra employees to work during the winter season to accommodate a rush of holiday shoppers. Although seasonal retail work can be an excellent way to gain experience or make extra money, be prepared to work long hours on weekends, evenings and holidays.

Agricultural Work

The agricultural sector often employs people during the planting and harvest seasons in spring and fall. These jobs typically require strength and an excellent work ethic because they can be physically taxing. Large agricultural companies hire dozens of workers, while family-owned farms may hire a few people to work seasonally. Experience performing agricultural work may help you get a job, but it is not strictly necessary.


Lifeguarding is a popular seasonal job choice among teenagers and young adults. Becoming a lifeguard requires strong swimming skills and a Red Cross or other certification. Inquire at local pools, lakes, beaches or YMCA pools about opportunities in your area.


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