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List of Evening & Weekend Jobs

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Finding an evening or weekend job can be appealing for different reasons. Some reasons include the need to care for dependents during the day or attending school full-time. Work environments that provide flexible hours include data processing centers, hotels, department stores and hospitals. Some jobs offer job training, while other require prior experience.


Receptionists interact with the public, such as visitors and suppliers. These professionals set up appointments, send fax requests and distribute mail deliveries. Some companies prefer receptionists with prior experience, while other companies offer training. Surgical centers can offer opportunities for evening and weekend work. Other companies needing weekend or evening help can range from real estate offices to nursing homes.


Cashiers help handle financial transactions for customers. These transactions can involve ringing sales items, entering coupon data or processing store credits. Other duties range from verifying customer information to accepting returned store items. Some employers offer on-the-job assistance with part-time hours. Work hours include evenings or weekend shifts. Potential employers include gasoline service stations, family restaurants and supermarkets.

Stock Clerk

Stock clerks obtain packages, verify contents of packages and unpack items. Additional duties involve keeping storage areas clean and safe. Some stock clerks handle returns for defective items. Qualifications can range from a high school diploma to short-term job training. Stock clerks should know have to perform calculations and organizational skills. Work hours can include clothing factories and warehouses.

Computer Operator

Computer operators can check for computer viruses, process data and work with more experienced computer professionals. Some employers accept applicants with a high school diploma and offer training, while other employers require completed college coursework. Job environments can include manufacturing, data processing services, and health care, such as hospitals. These environments offer evening and weekend hours.

Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers help bridal parties and their families capture memories of the celebration. These creative professionals take pictures and suggests poses. Wedding photographers gain knowledge through hands-on experience, community colleges and internships. They must keep up with advances in photography. Since some weddings occur during weekends, wedding photographers can have flexible hours. Word-of-mouth referrals keep wedding photographers busy.