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List of Trucking Companies in the US

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Trucking companies provide transport for any number of objects. There are federal and state regulations as to what can be transported and each company is responsible for abiding by these rules. The drivers hired by these trucking companies are required by law to obtain special operators' licenses and be aware of all the rules and laws mandating what they can carry and how it is to be transported.

Superior Brokerage Services

Superior Brokerage Services is an international trucking company in the United States. They specialize in air freight and surface transportation services. They provide a free freight quote online or by phone. Their website also provides a shipment tracker and reports manager. They have a warehouse for client services and a distribution center as well.

Superior Brokerage Services 1700 Wynne Ave St. Paul, MN 55108 866-647-4694

Con-Way Trucking

Con-Way Trucking provides their customers with freight transportation and logistics. They transport full truck loads, less than full (LTF) and intermodal freight transport. They are able to provide exact day delivery quotes and high performance warehouse services. They are an international company and do business in 18 continents. They offer special discount pricing for less than truckload shipments.

Con-way Inc. 2855 Campus Drive, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94403-2512 650-378-5200

Sunset Transportation

Sunset Transportation is a trucking company in Missouri. They specialize in Less Than Full truckloads (LTF) and diverse product hauling. The also provide full truckload and international hauls. They are also able to provide consulting for transportation needs as well as financial services for audit and billing. They have an online freight quote service and claims processing center to ensure shorter wait times for customer service. They can ship refrigerated freight as well as large objects with their specialized over-dimension equipment and refrigerated trailers.

Sunset Transportation 11406 Gravois Road St. Louis, Missouri 63126-3610 Toll Free 800.849.6540


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