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What Are the Duties of a Pharmacy Warehouse Worker?

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The pharmaceutical industry relies on a network of warehouses, or distribution centers, to ensure that its products are reliably tracked, stored and shipped. Some of the responsibilities of pharmaceutical warehouse workers include unloading and unpacking boxes, checking incoming items against invoices, maintaining records and operating equipment such as a forklift.

Unloading Boxes

Pharmaceutical warehouses are continuously receiving product shipments from manufacturers. Warehouse workers have the job of meeting delivery trucks, unloading boxes and transporting them for safe storage. This may include quality control checks to ensure that products meet specifications, and checking incoming items against invoices to ensure the proper product has been delivered.

Maintaining Records

Workers maintain records of items received and shipped. This includes accurately recording serial numbers, the name of the manufacturer and the time and date the shipment was received.

Filling Orders

Warehouse workers communicate with clerks to pull and fill orders from pharmacies and hospitals.

Use of Equipment

Warehouse workers have the responsibility of safely and efficiently operating equipment such as forklifts, hand tools and labeling machines. They also may be asked to use a computer for record-keeping and to use cleaning equipment to keep the facility tidy.


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