Promotion Gifts for Him

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When a friend or family member earns a promotion at work, it's often easy to get just as excited as the person himself. But while he's busy putting his nose to the grindstone and proving to his employer that he's worthy of the new role, you can show your pride for his accomplishment by presenting him with a gift suitable for recognizing the occasion.

Keep It Functional

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Workplace-related gifts are an easy choice when you're shopping for a gift for someone who has recently earned a promotion. If he works in an office, gifts such as an engraved business card holder, decorative desk clock, wall art or engraved fountain pen set are appropriate. For men who don't work in an office setting, consider items related to the position. A new pair of steel-toed boots works for contractors or physical laborers, and a tablet is suitable for a number of positions to help stay organized.

Congrats With a Gift Card

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A gift card tailored to your friend or family member's profession is suitable if you're having a hard time finding the right gift. For someone who needs to upgrade his wardrobe because of the promotion, a gift card to a men's clothing store is suitable, just as a gift card to a work wear or home improvement store is ideal for a contractor. For someone whose job involves technology, buy a gift card to an electronics store.

The Sentimental Approach

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If you have a close relationship with the man, a promotion is the ideal time to give a gift that tugs at the heart strings. If the man is a doctor and you worked as a doctor before switching professions or retiring, your personal stethoscope is something to cherish. For a man who's been promoted to the chairperson of a college English department, give the English dictionary that's been in your family for generations. A hand tool belonging to your grandfather is suitable for a mechanic.

Don't Forget a Card

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Whatever you choose to give as a gift celebrating a promotion, pair it with a thoughtfully worded greeting card. Cards themed to this occasion are prevalent at retailers, and adding a few words of encouragement is also ideal. Convey messages alluding to the fact that the person is deserving of the promotion and will excel in the new role. For example, you can say: "There was no doubt in my mind that you'd soon be a team manager, and I know you'll do an outstanding job."