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Bulletin Board Ideas for Work

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A bulletin board in the workplace tends to be an outlet for managers to tack up information on company-wide events, job openings and updates on insurance information. There may be a picture or two hanging up from last year's Christmas party, or a intramural softball league sign-up sheet. But for a bulletin board to really stand out and grab employees' attention, it may take a little more pizazz.

Monthly Makeover

Make over your bulletin board at the start of each month. Rotate this task among the management. The board should look unique, fun and inviting. One possibility is to decorate the board with tinsel, candy canes and cut-out snowflakes for December. For March, give it an all-green theme in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Once you've established an attractive board, personalize it by getting the employees involved.

Kudos Board

“Kudos” is a congratulatory term often used when someone does something honorable and worth mentioning to others. Bringing "kudos awareness" to the workplace is an excellent way to bring employees together, by encouraging them to do good deeds for one another.

Make your own “Kudos” cards and leave them near the board where employees can find them. When one employee does something helpful for another (for example, covers her shift, brings her coffee, cheers her up) she can thank her fellow employee by filling out a kudos card and posting it up for the entire office to see.

At the end of each month, give a special thanks (gift certificate, movie tickets) to the employee who generates the most kudos.

Birthday List

No matter your company's size, a great way to bring staff together is to post a list of birthdays on the bulletin board each month. Be sure to include the employee's name as well as the department he works in (avoid including his age—this is personal information). Soon enough, Patty from accounting will be wishing Hector from engineering a happy birthday, and vice versa.

Inspirational Words

Get employees involved in the bulletin board by allowing them to post their favorite quotes for their fellow comrades to see. Select a new employee each month so that the board does not become cluttered. This will be an enriching way for the employees to share their ideals and express their personalities to one another. Who would have guessed that Mary from the copy editing department was a David Bowie fan?

Say Cheese

Nothing says "group love" more than a photo taken of the entire staff--and displayed on the office's bulletin board. If the company is very large, take the photo of your department only. Pick a sunny afternoon. Ask the staff to gather outside the building, and snap away.

If possible, surprise the staff by giving everyone the rest of the day off. From here on, each time an employee passes the bulletin board and catches a glimpse of that photo--he or she will remember that wonderful day—and look forward to coming back to a happy workplace.


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