How to Thank Your Boss for a Party

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In polite society, it is courteous to show your appreciation for a party, even at work. The workplace presents some challenges when it comes to interactions with the boss. Co-workers may see your “thank you” as a way to curry favor with the boss or make them look unappreciative. Pen a gracious thank you note and include everyone who attended the party in the process. Observe office protocol and use your boss’s proper name when writing your note.

Purchase a professional looking thank you note and envelope. Pick a card that says “Thank You” on the front and is blank inside.

Open the card and begin writing at the left, inner side of the folded card. Begin your salutation with Dear Mr. or Dear Mrs. Add the last name to the end of the salutation or if you use first names at your work, use both the first and last name. For example, it would read, “Dear Mr. John James.”

Write the body of the note. The note should be brief and concise. Acknowledge the party, express what it meant to you and give a corporate “thanks” from the group. For example, “We had so much fun at the Christmas Party. We have all been so busy, it was a nice change to share some laughs. Thank you Mr. James, from the entire accounting department.”

Sign the card, “The Accounting Department.” Avoid signing individual names if possible. If there are only a few of you in the department, then signing individually is acceptable.

Place the card in the envelope and tuck the flap inside the envelope. Hand deliver your card to the boss.


If you took photographs during the party, it would be a nice gesture to include one in the card. If the party required a lot of planning and preparation, it is appropriate to give a small gift.


Tell everyone in the department that you will be sending a thank you note or you may cause friction.