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How to Create a Kudos Bulletin Board at Work

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It can be easy at work to feel as though all of your hard work and contributions are not appreciated, especially if your supervisor is extremely busy and focused on other tasks. One excellent way to make sure that everyone in your workplace is motivated and feels appreciated when they achieve something great is to create a Kudos Board in the office. This board should be used to highlight the achievements and accomplishments that really stood out.

Purchase a bulletin board and place it in your company's break room or in another common area that your employees regularly visit, such as the main entrance or a conference room. You should choose an informal area to celebrate your employee accomplishments, so that the board doesn't distract from business meetings and events.

Label the board as your "Company Kudos Board" with colorful letters, stencils or markers. Make sure that the title of the board is a main focus of the board and easily spotted, so that your employees will take notice of one another when they are recognized on the Kudos Board.

Place a picture of the employee you would like to honor, as well as biographical information and a clip about what he accomplished on the board. This should be the main focal point of the display. You can change this aspect of the bulletin board once a month, or more often if necessary.

Include a nominations page on the board and encourage your employees to write the names of employees that have done an outstanding job as nominations for the main focal point on next month's bulletin board. This nominations page can go just underneath the bulletin board or directly on the board.


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