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How to Make a Calendar on a White Board

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Making a white board calendar is an inexpensive and convenient way to keep track of important dates and plan your month. Hang the calendar on your wall in a home office or in the kitchen where busy family members can see it. Write on the white board using a dry erase marker and then erase all your marks for the next month.

Creating the Calendar Outline

Lay your yardstick horizontally across the white board about 2 or 3 inches from the top.

Using the yardstick as a guide, draw a line with your pencil across the board leaving about 1 inch of space on each side.

Move your yardstick to the bottom of the board horizontally, leaving about 1 inch of space at the bottom. Trace a line with your pencil the same size as the line at the top.

Move your yardstick to the edge of each horizontal line and connect the lines on each side with your pencil, making a rectangular box.

Using your yardstick and your pencil, carefully draw four horizontal lines across the box and six vertical lines within the box. This will be the grid for your calendar.

Adding Details

Erase any mistakes with the pencil and correct any spaces. Using your yardstick and a permanent marker, carefully trace the lines you made on the board.

Using your permanent marker, write "month" at the top of the board above the calendar portion. Next to the word "month," draw a line about 5 inches long, using your yardstick as a guide. Every month you will write the name of the month on this line with a dry erase marker.

In the upper left-hand corner of each box, draw a small square or circle with the permanent marker.

At the bottom of the board, write the first letter, or first two letters, of the day of the week. Under the first bottom block write "S", "M" on the second, "T" on the third, "W" on the fourth, "Th" on the fifth, "F" on the sixth and "S" on the seventh with the permanent marker.

At the beginning of every month, using a dry erase marker, label the dates in the small squares or circles and write the month at the top of the board next to the word "month." Write any birthdays, holidays or other important dates in the blocks of the grid.


To give your calendar a decorative twist, use letter stickers to write "month" at the top of the board.

You can frame the white board, but be sure to leave out the glass so you can write directly on the board.


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