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What Jobs Are Hiring Teens?

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Many teenagers seek employment through summer breaks, after school and after graduating high school. Companies are often willing to give teens jobs that work around their school-based schedules. Jobs for teens often involve stocking shelves and assisting customers. and can provide teenagers experience dealing with customers and communicating in the professional world. Grocery stores, department stores, parks and restaurants commonly hire teens for part-time positions.

Grocery Stores

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Grocery stores often hire teens age 14 and older for part-time positions. Jobs that teens may be eligible for in grocery stores include clerking, stocking shelves, inventory and customer service. Grocery stores are generally safe for teens to work in, as there is not a lot of dangerous machinery. Teens may be excluded from positions in the deli departments of grocery stores however, as meat slicing equipment can present safety issues.

Department Stores

Many department stores offer teens summer jobs, or work hours during evenings. Duties that teenagers often perform in department stores include shelf-stocking, clerking and basic store responsibilities such as shopping cart collecting. Teenagers are not generally allowed to operate forklifts or other machinery that department stores use, though they may be required to lift heavy items during stocking.

Local Parks

Teens are usually eligible to apply for positions at local parks, and may find jobs there in maintenance or gate-keeping. Parks are often busier in the summer, so the fact that teens may not be able to work during the school year shouldn't hurt their odds of being hired at a park. Recreational parks often require employees to clean the grounds and parking lots and supervise the safety of attendees.


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Restaurants commonly hire teens for server and dishwashing jobs. Serving customers at a restaurant can help teens develop social skills and give them experience working within set time constraints. Jobs that require cooking or preparing meals may not be available to younger teenagers. Restaurants generally prefer to hire people who can work on weekends, so teenagers can often work at restaurants throughout the school year.



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