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Uses of Computers in Telecommunications

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Many corporations and companies are moving to telecommunication-style work due to increased costs in travel. Telecommunication essentially means communication through computers. There are a variety of ways to use computers in telecommunications, and it is not limited to work only. Individuals use telecommunications to stay in touch with friends and family around the world.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a tool used for business and pleasure. Many companies offer free video conferencing software available to download online. A video conference allows two or more individuals to see each other and speak as though they were talking in person. It is used to complete business deals and by families and friends in different places.

Call Centers

Call centers are facilities where a company's customer service representatives make outbound calls to potential customers, receive inbound calls from prospective customers and help others with product issues. Now, some call centers are facilitated online. An employee who works from home can log into his company's online system and receive calls that are redirected from the company's physical location. This allows the employees to cut down on traveling costs, and the company can hire independent contractors. Therefore, the company cuts out the costs of benefits, such as retirement and insurance.

Web Broadcasting

Separate from video conferencing, web broadcasting allows individuals to watch live streaming from one source. The source that provides the streaming cannot see or speak to any viewer; however, she can offer a speech or tutorial on how to perform a specific task. Web broadcasts are the equivalent to television broadcasts, except the streaming is done through a computer. A culinary professor could demonstrate a cooking technique from his home, while his students watch online.

File Sharing

File sharing is a more common form of telecommunication because it includes email. Any service that provides a user with the opportunity to send documents via electronic communication is an example of file sharing. Some video conferencing software companies offer file sharing as part of their systems. There are some companies that allow a user to post files online as a storage unit for a group of users. Then, any user with proper access can open the documents whenever she needs them. However, music file sharing is illegal without purchase.


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