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Technical Barriers to Communication

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Over time, a series of technical barriers have developed in the workforce that negatively impact communication. Although advancements in technology have increased the productivity levels and speed of business, the new forms of interaction through technology have created barriers that must be addressed in order for a company to obtain and maintain positive internal communication.

Language Barriers

Due to the expansion of global business, individuals of different nationalities are working together at increasing rates. It is very important that co-workers communicate effectively with one another. The use of technology in communication makes the language barrier even more pronounced. The Business Knowledge Source website explains that verbal and non-verbal communication are equally important. However, when individuals interact primarily over the phone or Internet, it is easier to have miscommunications or misunderstandings. Conveying ideas and directions clearly and in a polite way is extremely important in order to manage or eliminate language barriers.

Organizational Barriers

The use of computers and cell phones in the business world has created technical communication barriers due to lack of organization and unity within the workforce. The Hodu website explains that each individual has a different level of organization as well as unique perceptions. Creating organizational unity can be challenging due to individual skill levels and personalities. Organization is important for business success especially when interactions take place in a technical environment where individuals communicate electronically. In order to eliminate organizational barriers a company must instill organizational policies as well as effective forms of consistent communication between employees in different locations.

Physical Barriers

The Hodu website explains that physical barriers play a large role in technical communication issues in the workforce. When individuals communicate over the phone or online they lack the personal interaction that promotes successful business practices. Individuals who work in the same building must communicate with one another in person instead of resorting to technological means. When the physical barriers of business locations exist, individuals must work to overcome the physical barrier disadvantages that can occur. The Business Knowledge Source website states that it is important for individuals to listen to one another, communicate effectively and use technology efficiently in order to make up for the limitations that are in place due to different locations.


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