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Difference Between Personal Email & Business Email

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Business email addresses and personal email addresses are two very different things. Every business owner or freelancer should have a professional email address along with a personal one. The two email addresses should be kept separate and used for different reasons.


When emailing potential clients, professional types of email addresses may prove to be very lucrative. They are also more official-sounding. Personal email addresses should be used to access family and friends. With these email accounts, you can present yourself in any way you wish by choosing personalized email addresses instead of worrying about first impressions.

Business Email Cost

Registering a business email address can cost you a little cash. Business email addresses on hosts such as Rackspace begin with a free, 14-day trial for $1 per mailbox. Yahoo! Small Businesses also offers a business email option for $34.95 a year. It allows you to choose your own domain name as well. This is actually a very inexpensive tactic for promoting a business.

Personal Email Cost

Popular personal email address systems usually come at no cost. There are many popular services out there from well-known to tiny suppliers.

Business Email Suppliers

Some services allow users to create business emails to promote themselves. It is set up so that you can enter your name and your business in a “your name@ your business name” manner. has a selection of professional email providers available on its site (see link in References below).

Personal Email Suppliers

Some of the most useful and well-known personal email providers are Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail. They all provide free accounts and allow you to create a username of your choosing.


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