Purpose of a Business Email

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Office workers have come to reply on e-mail for almost all of their communication--from requesting additional office supplies to asking coworkers what they want for lunch. However, in its simplest form, business e-mail is for sharing information. If used properly, e-mail can be an effective tool for business communication.

For Sharing Basic Information

E-mail is a handy tool if you need to inform all employees of a new office policy or let them know that an important visitor is coming through the office. It is information everyone needs, and no one needs to respond, making it a quick and effective means of communication.

For Marketing and Advertising

E-mail often beats out print media for marketing and advertising. You can easily reach your audience, personalize the e-mail message with the recipients' names and include a link to your organization's Web presence. It's quick, convenient and effective.

For Negotiations

E-mail is a useful method of communication for stating facts, sharing figures and negotiating with another party. It is quicker than regular mail and provides an easy way to keep a record of the proceedings. If you want to see exactly what is included in a quote, it's easy to sort through your e-mail archives to find the information you need. And you know that both parties have a copy of the same information.