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How to Become a Reebok Distributor

Reebok is a recognized name in athletic wear, ranging from famous tennis shoes to shorts, shirts and socks. If you want to cash in on the name and brand for Reebok, but don't want to just work for the company, you can form an agreement to be a distributor for Reebok products. In order to do this, you need to form an agreement with Reebok, making you an authorized distributor who is allowed to use Reebok's trademark.

Contact Reebok and request the information and forms it needs for someone to become a distributor. has a large section discussing legal terms and needs, and the Customer Service link provides a form that you can email directly to Reebok. Provide your updated contact information so that the company can get back to you.

Provide Reebok with all of the required information, including your personal information as a business person, your business's information and tax information going back several years. Reebok will need to check your sales and influence, and see if you are a good investment as a business partner.

Sign a contract with Reebok. If the company believes that you will be a good distributor, it will offer you a contract with the terms and conditions of your role as a distributor. This will include all fees that you have to pay, what percentage of sales you get to keep, and what products you can and can't sell, if any. Review the terms and if you find them acceptable, sign the contract and return it to Reebok.


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