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How to Write a Meeting Cancellation Letter

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Meetings are essential for all types of business, but they can also be subject to cancellation for a variety of reasons. All parties involved in the meeting should be notified in writing as quickly as possible after it becomes apparent that the meeting will not take place. While email is often appropriate, or sometimes a text message, some situations may call for you to send a letter through the mail. It advisable to confirm that the cancellation notice has been received.

Text of the Letter

The letter should begin by saying the meeting is canceled and include the time, location and purpose of the meeting. You may specify the reason or attribute it to "unforeseen circumstances." It should offer an apology for the inconvenience.

Rescheduling Information

If the meeting is being rescheduled, the letter should provide the venue and time or assure the recipient that she will be kept informed. It should also include contact information and ask the recipient to acknowledge your message.


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