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Free CDL Training Schools

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Obtaining your commercial driver's license (CDL) requires comprehensive training and skill. A variety of CDL programs offer their training at no cost to students. Although the training itself is free, most programs that offer no-cost CDL training do require a commitment from the student to work for its designated trucking company for a specific period of time once the CDL is obtained. Failure to do so may require the student to make repayment depending on the program selected.

MTC Truck Driver Training

MTC Truck Driver Training contracts with a variety of trucking companies such as Hogan, USA Truck and Covenant Transport that are willing to pay for CDL training in exchange for the recruitment of quality employees. Through MTC's pre-certification job placement program, students are paired with trucking companies that are willing to pay for their CDL training in exchange for an agreement that the student will work for the company for a specific period of time, usually consisting of one to five years. Students receive comprehensive training in all aspects related to holding a commercial driver's license such as pre-trip inspections, loading and unloading freight and maintaining accurate records. Most training can be completed in 12 weeks or less.

Driver Solutions

Driver Solutions offers company-paid CDL courses that can be completed in as little as four weeks. Students receive hands-on training in driver safety and state and federal regulations by trained experts in the field of truck driving. Successful training results in obtaining a commercial driver's license and job placement with major trucking companies such as PAM Transport and USA Truck. In exchange for no-cost CDL training, students must agree to work for their assigned trucking company for a period of at least 12 months.

Prime Inc.

Based out of Springfield, Missouri, Prime Incorporated is a major trucking company that offers an apprenticeship paid CDL training program that can typically be completed in six months or less. There is no cost to the student if the student agrees to stay with the company for a minimum of one year. Students train on-site for four days and then spend three to four weeks on the open road with a certified CDL instructor. After that, the driver works side-by-side with a trainer for a period of four to six months, during which time the driver is paid at a rate of 12 cents per mile.

Diesel Truck Driver Training School

Located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Diesel Truck Driver Training School offers comprehensive instruction to prepare students to pass their written commercial driver's license test. Free classes are held in locations throughout the U.S. each month and courses are offered at no cost and at no obligation to the participant. Once students successfully pass the written CDL exam, they are offered the opportunity to further their education through Diesel Truck Driver Training School's behind-the-wheel driver's training program and are given a $200 scholarship toward the cost of the class.