Flight Attendant Schools in New York

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“Major airlines are required by law to provide flight attendants for the safety and security of the traveling public,” according to the “Occupational Outlook Handbook” published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. To apply, a high school diploma is the minimum requirement, although some companies may prefer a cerificate or a degree. There are online and on-campus schools in New York, which offer prospective students the technical know-how to become effective flight attendants. All airlines have their own training programs, but the completion of one of these programs gives applicants a significant edge in the interview process.

Academics of Flight International

Based in New York and Florida, the Academics of Flight International is a FAA-approved school that has been training professionals since 1976. To apply, applicants require a high school diploma and proficiency of English language and grammar. The flight attendant program introduces students to the field of meteorology and covers courses in first aid, flight phases, aerodynamics, smuggling, hijacking, health and grooming, among several others.

Academics of Flight International Inc. 4612 Queens Blvd. Ste. 204 Long Island City, NY 11104 718-937-5716 academicsofflight.com


Several students prefer online courses, which allow them to work at their own pace and convenience. Founded in 1999 and a member of the International Better Business Bureau since 2000, InflightInstitute is “the only online Flight Attendant training program in the world that is used by airlines and has received regulatory approval,” according to its website. Several popular airline companies feature on the Institute’s portfolio. The school offers extensive instruction for students wishing to work for a regional, corporate or charter airline, in addition to courses catering to large national and international airlines. Students fill in the application, send in the payment and start the flight attendant course, which covers 175 topics. Upon completion, the Institute emails the certificate.

Inflight Institute Suite 811 300 8120 Beddington Blvd. N.W. Calgary, Alberta T3K 2A8 CANADA 1-800-908-7578 inflightinstitute.com


Voted one of the top 500 Best Aviation Websites, AirlineCareer.com is an award-winning online school. Its interactive flight attendant center offers students the technical and professional knowledge about becoming a flight attendant. The program runs under the guidance of a team of experienced flight attendants, who are always available via email. Students complete the required topics through self-study and complete online testing. They have up to six months to complete the program. Once completed, the institute awards them with a Certificate of Achievement. The training center familiarizes students with the guidelines of specific airlines and helps students to create, format and submit their resumes.

AirlineCareer.com 339 Littleton Road Harvard, MA 01451 978-615-3190. airlinecareer.com