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What Is a Job Advertisement?

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A job advertisement is an online, print media or televised announcement of an open position. Depending on the job requirements -- and the company's size -- the owner may write the ad himself, or refer it to the human resources department. Effective job ads indicate what kind of role the successful applicant will play after he's hired, and the company's expectations for his performance, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Basic Elements

A well-written job advertisement contains seven elements, including a position title and a "hook" designed to attract the company's preferred applicants, according to the Wentworth Institute of Technology. A brief overview of the company's products and services is also helpful. The ad will typically list desired levels of skills and experience, major responsibilities and benefits, followed by instructions for how applicants should respond.

Goals and Objectives

To boost the chance of attracting high quality applicants, the SBA recommends stating where the work will be done, what kinds of tasks are performed, and how applicants are supposed to complete them. Ads should also state the job's purpose and relationship to other positions within the company, as well as any specialized equipment that the employee will be expected to operate.

Requirements and Standards

Employers often add special criteria to eliminate unqualified applicants, especially if the opening will attract a large number of resumes. For example, an ad might ask job seekers to complete a project or submit a proposal as a condition for getting an interview. Hiring managers then evaluate the responses to determine if it's worth pursuing a candidate or discarding his materials for not following instructions.


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