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Purpose of Job Advertisement

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Corporations, educational institutions and organizations occasionally run job advertisements to attract potential workers. Employees retire, leave companies to take other jobs and even quit their jobs to pursue business ventures. Consequently, organizations need to apprise the public of new openings. There are many different types of job advertisements, including newspaper and online advertisements. However, a job advertisement must be designed specifically for a certain purpose to be effective.


The main purpose of a job advertisement is to attract the right candidate for an open position. Companies spend a lot of money to place ads, sorting through resumes, selecting candidates for an interview, then running reference checks, and possibly testing for drugs. Some job candidates have to be flown in for an interview. The company may also need to pay her living expenses if she is the candidate chosen for the open position. Hence, it is essential to place a job advertisement that appeals to the person with the right education and experience, according to


Different situations may slightly alter the purpose of a job advertisement. If a company is trying to replace an existing employee, it may run a blind advertisement, which does not mention the company name. That way, the company can pursue the application process without the employee knowing about it. Sometimes, a company may run a job advertisement just to get a feel for the available talent, even if it has no job opening.


An effective job advertisement starts with the heading, which is used to attract interest among job seekers. The heading should either identify the type of worker a company is seeking, or mention a specific position title. Subsequently, the body of the advertisement should include the level of experience required for the job in years, and the minimum education requirements. The job advertisement, in varying degrees, should also summarize some of the duties for the job.


Another purpose of a job advertisement is to show social responsibility. Some companies may have tax incentives to hire workers in a certain area. These tax incentives may also stem from certain federal programs, according to the article "Tax Credit for Hiring New Employees" at Hence, it likely behooves the company to place a large job advertisement, featuring all of the available openings. Later on, the company may want to publicize the number of people it hired as proof that it upheld its end of the bargain.


Some job advertisements are designed to appeal to money-motivated individuals. This is particularly true of commission sales jobs. The company may mention that sales reps will work on commission, but also include the earning potential of the job. "Earn Commissions Up To $120,000 Per Year" may be a good heading for a company to run for a commission sales rep, provided the statement is true.

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