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How to Be Bonded for a Cashier Position

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If you apply for a cashier position, you may see a question on the application asking if you can be bonded. Employers who deal with cash, such as retail stores and banks, need a way to protect themselves in the event employees misuse or steal that money. Bonding provides that mechanism, and as a representative of that business, you might be required to become bonded. If you have a clear criminal record and no history of misuse of funds, you should have no problem making it through the bonding process and getting the job you need.

Assure the would-be employer that you can be bonded when you go for the interview. As long as you have no history of criminal activity, you should have no trouble becoming bonded for a cashier position.

Wait for the job offer to be extended, then prepare to complete the bonding application provided by the employer. You need to provide the employer with a valid photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport. Fidelity and surety bonds are handled by the business insurance company the employer uses — you need to complete an application to get bonded for the cashier position.

Complete the application to be bonded. You need to provide complete information about your identity, including your Social Security number, full name and any other names you've used. The bonding company runs a thorough background check and makes a determination based on what it finds.

Wait for the employer to contact you with the results of the bonding application. If you were offered the cashier job contingent upon the bonding process, you should be given a start date after you get bonded.


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