How to Report an Employer to the Labor Board

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Not every job is pure harmony between an employer and employees. Sometimes friction comes from various forms of abuse by employers. If your employer mistreats you, you can make a report to the National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB protects employees who are harassed or abused.

Contact the regional office for the area where the harassment or incident has occurred. This may be a police station or local county office. You must reach out to the regional office immediately after an incident. The authorities will investigate and decide whether you are eligible for NLRB protection.

Fill out any forms the NLRB requires. You can do this online and send them right back to the NLRB to be processed.

Speak to the NLRB worker about the incident. After you file a complaint, an NLRB worker will get in touch with you to get more details. You can also help answer questions and help fill out additional forms, if needed.

File the employer complaint with the NLRB. Use the board's form 501, “Charge Against Employer.” If the incident did not involve your employer directly but rather a union the employer belongs to, use form 508, “Charge Against Labor Organization or its Agents.” If you're not sure which one to file, ask the NLRB worker.


File the complaint against the employer or union as soon as possible. Complaints and reports must be filed within six months of the incident.