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The Average Salary of a Day Care Owner

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As the owner of a day care business, you'll enjoy any profits your company makes. On the other hand, you'll bear the burden of responsibility that comes with working with children, and the overall costs of running the business. How much money you'll make might depend on the size of your day care and the duties you take on.

A Higher than Average Salary

The state in which you live may require child care center directors to have a minimum of a high school diploma, or sometimes even a college degree. You also might have to pass exams covering safety and child development to license your day care. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, day care center directors earned an average salary of $43,950 as of May 2012, though those working in child day care centers, as opposed to working in schools or religious organizations, earned only an average of $40,880. When you have your own day care business, the way to advance might include expanding its offerings or the number of children you serve. You'll be required to hire more employees too, but you also can benefit from increased profits.