How to Start a Home Based Dog Bakery Business

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If you're a dog lover, this is the perfect low budget business to get into. It's great for moms with children at home as you can use your own uncertified kitchen in which to bake the tasty dog treats for your new home business.

Try out new dog treat recipes on your own dog. You know you have a good one when he keeps coming back for more. Recipes can be found in pet cookbooks. However, there are many dog treat recipes on the Internet as well. Just take the basics and use your imagination to make the recipe uniquely yours. You can purchase dog bone cookie cutters, but you can also use other shapes like stars and hearts.

Purchase plastic containers for the dog treats. You will need several small bin-type containers to store extra treats and nicer plastic jars to sell the treats in. Smaller sample batches can be sold in zippered plastic bags. In addition, you will need labels with your company name, phone number, email address and other pertinent information. Use these labels on the plastic jars and zippered bags. These labels can be designed and printed on your home computer. In addition, it's nice to have a price list to hand out with every sale. It should have jar sizes or weights, company name, your phone number and email address. Also, it's best if you print this sheet on a colored paper, so it's easy to find when dog owners are ready to reorder.

Check with your county for any regulations or licenses you will need. Rules vary in different states and counties. It’s best to follow all the laws before you make your first sale rather than learn the hard way with an expensive citation.

Find locations to sell your dog treats in your area. A good place to start are farmer's markets and Saturday markets. With a minimal fee, you can set up your booth and start selling. Any kind of pet event, including pet shows, can be found through your local chamber of commerce. Other good places to market your product are veterinarian offices, dog kennels, dog trainers, dog daycare and pet stores. With people becoming more health conscious, they also want natural foods for their dogs. Therefore, marketing your treats as all natural with no chemical preservatives will make them very appealing.

As your business grows, consider getting a website in order to sell on the Internet. Also, you will want to add new items for sale. Consider selling jars of dog treat mix with a small bone cookie cutter attached so dog owners can make their own treats. Perhaps you could also add a line of clothing such as dog T-shirts or specialty dog toys. Always try to think outside of the box with unique designs.


It's a good idea to offer several different sized containers for your dog treats. Some people just want a sampling while others will want a larger amount. Offer two sizes of dog treats, small and medium, for different sized dogs.