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How to Open a Church Daycare & Preschool

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In today's economy, it is increasingly common for both parents to work outside of the home, and as a result, the need for high-quality, safe and educational day-care preschools is growing steadily with each passing year. A day-care preschool run by a church provides social interaction and educational instruction and offers parents a safe environment for children to stay in during the work day. Running a day-care preschool is a rewarding and enjoyable experience, and in order to open a new center, several requirements must be met.

Compile finances and initial start-up costs, including rent, supplies and staffing. Create a business plan if a loan is needed, and research available child-care grants in your particular state. Contact the state's child-care licensing office and inquire about money for grants.

Request a licensing application packet from your state's Department of Human Resources. Licensing requirements vary from state to state. Some states require a license be obtained before opening a school, while other states do not require a license at all. All states require registration with the state.

Purchase adequate insurance coverage. Insurance coverage should include injuries to a child or staff member, as well as water or fire damage to the school.

Determine staffing needs. Research state educational requirements for staff members, and check background information of all applicants. Most state require that child-care workers hold a high school diploma, as well as certification in CPR and first aid.

Purchase appropriate materials and supplies for each age group. Appropriate supplies include books, puzzles, toys, arts and craft equipment, tables and chairs, high chairs, utensils, cups, cots and bedding.

Establish school policies and create a parent contract. The contract should include hours of operation, tuition, late fees, curriculum, sick child policy and other pertinent information.

Promote the school in the neighborhood through the church and through word of mouth or fliers. Begin registration and have the parents of each new registrant sign a contract.

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