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How to Write a Salary Increment Letter

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A salary increment letter, also called a salary request letter, is a formal document in which you ask your supervisor for an increase in pay. The letter makes a case for why the raise is justified given your experience and performance. Sending a salary increment letter does not guarantee you will get the pay increase, but you improve your odds by constructing the letter professionally.

Type "TO:" followed by the name of the recipient and his title separated by a comma. Type the contact information for the recipient under this, aligned with the first letter of the recipient's name.

Skip two lines. Type "FROM:" followed by your full name and title separated by a comma. Type your contact information below this, justified with the first letter of your name.

Skip another two lines. Type "RE: salary increment request." Skip another two lines and type "DATE:" followed by the date. Return twice and write your opening salutation followed by a colon. Use formal titles, even if you feel close to the person who would get your letter and approve your request.

Skip two lines and start your first paragraph. Clarify that you are writing regarding consideration of your salary.

Separate paragraphs with another two lines. Tell your recipient what you have done in the company to stand out above the pack, detailing your responsibilities and achievements. The idea in this paragraph is to sell your resume contents just as if you were seeking another position. The only difference is you're seeking pay, not employment.

Skip two more lines and start another paragraph. Politely request a salary increase. List evidence that shows your request is reasonable given the market. For instance, you might show data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that shows the average rate for your job is higher than what you get, or you might reference offers or job postings from other similar companies.

Skip two lines. Invite your recipient to discuss the salary increase with you at his convenience. Instruct the recipient how to contact you. Thank him for his time and consideration of your request.

Skip two lines. Write your closing phrase followed by a comma. Skip at least four lines and type your full name. Skip another two lines and write "Enclosures:" followed by the number of enclosures you have in parentheses. If you do not have any enclosures, omit this notification on the bottom of your letter. If sending the request by email, which may be required if you work online or if your supervisor prefers email contact, replace "Enclosures" with "Attachments."


Use bullet points to outline your success. Your boss likely will have limited time to review your letter and will appreciate the concise presentation.