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How to Write a Salary Proposal for a Job

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While it is not an assumed part of the job application process, the situation may arise in which a potential employer asks that you submit a salary proposal in writing prior to or after an interview. While you must be honest, the situation is delicate as you also want to negotiate the best possible salary for yourself. The salary range you indicate must be carefully researched, taking into consideration what other companies offer for the same position, as well as cost of living in the area.

Open with a formal salutation that greets the employer by name, such as "Dear Mr. Jones." Write a one- or two-sentence introduction, explaining that you are responding to his request for a proposed salary.

Write two to three sentences in the body that touch on either the highlights of your interview or your resume, and reiterate how you feel strongly that you would be an asset to the company in this position.

Write a final paragraph that includes a salary range and explains why, based on the reasons above, you believe the range is fair. Use figures in the range, such as "$34,000 to $38,000," or be slightly more vague, such as "in the thirties." Mention that the range you stated is flexible depending on other benefits of the job.

End the salary proposal with a formal closing, such as "Sincerely," and your name.


Do not say "non-negotiable" in reference to your proposed salary, as this may cause the employer to drop you from further consideration. Take your previous salary, the average salary of the position in question, and cost of living in the area into consideration when deciding on your requested salary.


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