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How to Write a Salary Statement

When you submit a resume and cover letter to apply for a job, the advertisement you answer may include a request for salary requirements. An employer includes this request for information from applicants to sort through them and eliminate those with requirements that are both too high and possibly even too low. Although adding your salary requirements with your cover letter can be a challenge, do include a salary statement to fulfill the request of a prospective employer.

Place the salary statement in your cover letter in the last paragraph when an employer requests it. A job advertisement may specifically request “salary requirements.” In fact, some employers even state that they will only consider applications with salary requirements included.

Determine the lowest salary you would accept for the job position with the responsibilities that you understand are involved in the position. Determine the highest salary you believe you could expect for the position, your education, your experience and the geographical location. Use an online salary calculator if you do not know what the competitive salary would be.

Write a vague salary statement in your cover letter, as long as the job advertisement does not require a specific statement. Suggest that the salary you will accept is negotiable in this situation, in order to prevent limiting your interview and negotiating opportunities. Write, “Starting salary is negotiable, depending on job requirements and description.”

Write a specific salary statement in your cover letter when the job advertisement requires a specific salary requirement. For example, write, “Starting salary requirement ranges between $45,000 and $52,000 annually.” By placing a range instead of a specific figure, you create negotiating room if you get a job offer.


A standard cover letter includes a brief overview of your qualifications, experience and education. Mention the position for which you are applying and why you think you would succeed in this position. Pair any specific qualifications you have with the job to illustrate your suitability for the position. Add the salary statement to the letter in the final paragraph.


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