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How to Write a Job Acceptance Letter

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Unlike the stress of writing a cover letter or follow-up letter, writing a job acceptance letter can be exciting. Even though you have been offered the job, you still want to make the best impression possible on your new employer. Therefore, it is important to follow proper business etiquette when writing your job acceptance letter. The letter must utilize a gracious tone and clarify the important details of your agreement, including start date and salary.

Write a salutation that addresses your new employer by name, such as "Dear Mr. Allen." Write a short introduction explaining that you are pleased to accept his offer for the job, naming the exact job title and the company name.

Write the body of the letter and inform your employer that you accept his salary offer (naming the salary in dollar amount) and that you are excited to start work on the date agreed upon (name the date as well). If any other important benefits are involved, such as insurance or an expense account, you may mention those in this paragraph.

Write the conclusion of the letter and state that you are pleased to be bringing your skills and experience to this new company, and thank the employer again. Write a formal closing salutation, such as "Best Wishes" or "Sincerely," and sign your name.


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