How to Write a Church Newsletter

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The best way for a church to grow is to let the congregation know what is happening from week to week. A church newsletter will accomplish a great deal from letting others know needs of members to announcing upcoming events. Writing a church newsletter is not a hard task. The church benefits, the members benefit, and the community can learn more about the church through a newsletter.

Organize the information of the newsletter into categories. These may be upcoming events, prayer requests, church supper menu and so forth. Questioning the church members will let you know what they are interested in reading about in the church newsletter.

Check sources. Always double-check to make sure information in the church newsletter is accurate. Go over dates and times to make sure there are no mistakes.

Spotlight a group, activity or member each time the church newsletter is printed. This makes it more interesting to the reader and also allows the church members to get to know more about their fellow worshipers.

Choose how many times the church newsletter is going to be printed. There may be enough information for a circular each week. However, writing a newsletter takes time and may be a large project to tackle more than once a month.

Simplify the writing process by allowing submissions from church members. The submissions could be poems or editorials. Always get approval from the church board before printing the final newsletter each month.

Save the final draft of the church newsletter to compact disc. The local printing company can print from the disc. If the church has a website, the newsletter can be uploaded to the website and offered in an electronic version.


The newsletter does not have to be a book. An acceptable newsletter can be one or two pages. Always get permission from people before using their pictures in the news bulletin.


Review all information every time the newsletter is printed. Mistakes can be made, no matter how careful the author is.