How to Verify CE Certification

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Continuing education, also known as CE, is a requirement for most licensed professions such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and personal trainers. CE ensures that the professional remains up to date on developments within her industry. Verifying CE certification confirms that the professional completed the education and did not manufacture the certificate.

Write down the name and contact information of the educational organization listed on the CE certificate. Record the certificate number, if available, and the date of course completion.

Contact the certification department of the organization listed on the CE certificate. If the organization does not have a certification department, ask the organization for the proper source to verify a CE certificate they have issued.

Provide the name of the person found on the certificate, certificate number, date of course completion and any other information the certifying organization requests. The organization will review this information and confirm whether the professional earned the CE credential.


Look for an official seal on the CE certificate to determine its authenticity.


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