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How to Send a Fax Document Cover Sheet

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A cover sheet when sending a document by fax, or facsimile, is as important as the document itself. The cover sheet provides vital information about who the fax is for, how many pages there should be and what the document refers to or what it is to be used for.

Fill in all of the information on the top of the cover sheet, with the template open or on a paper form. If you have the name of the person you're faxing to, use it. Otherwise use the department or business name. Be sure to include the fax number you're sending to and the phone number of the person, department or business. This helps the person or clerk who receives the fax get the information to the right person or place.

Count all of the pages, including the cover page, and put the number in the space for the number of pages. This helps the receiver make sure they didn't lose any pages in the transmission.

Put all of your identifying information on the form. When working with this type of communication, it is important that the receiver doesn't have any problem identifying you and the documentation you are sending, as well as how the information should be used.

Include the subject of the fax. If it is regarding any type of account, include the account number on the subject line. If it is regarding a project or program, put that in the subject line. In the area for notes, include any information regarding discussions about the documents.

Place the cover sheet on top of all other pages being faxed so that it comes through first. This will let the receiver know whether he has received all of the documents when the fax comes through. Then, send the fax as you normally would.


Double-check the fax number before you push send to ensure that your information does not go to someone else.


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