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How to Type Up an Itinerary

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An itinerary is a list of events in chronological order. During a business trip, a secretary may prepare an itinerary of meeting and events planned for a boss. An itinerary is beneficial because it allows an individual to anticipate and effectively prepare for events, and it organizes all activities on one piece of paper. In addition, a typed itinerary using a clear font prevents any confusion regarding unclear handwriting.

Type the itinerary in chronological order. List the anticipated time of an event on the left column of the page, including the start and end time of each event. If a business meeting must start at a particular time, allow enough time for all participants to be present by not scheduling important meetings back to back from one another. If applicable, include breaks for lunch and time to step away from a busy day to take a moment and relax.

Use clear font to describe the event to the right of the time, including a short description, or any information that may be helpful to the individual reading the itinerary. For example, if the event is a business meeting with an important client, it is helpful to include a few notes to remind your boss about the client.

Leave space in between each event for individuals to add their notes. In addition, space is helpful if it becomes necessary to add another event at a later time. Many itineraries provide a list of important contact numbers at the bottom of the page in case a problem arises.

Consider using a page for each day if multiple days will be included as part of the itinerary. In addition, type the date of the itinerary clearly along the top of the page. The most important part of an itinerary is that the itinerary is clear.


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