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How to Send a CV

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When applying for a job position, whether through a job board or email, it is important to have a strong resume that highlights your skills, expertise and experience. A resume is often called a curriculum vitae, or CV. While you may post your CV on job boards or apply directly through a company’s website, this is only the first step in properly sending a CV. There are many follow-up procedures for sending a CV if you want to be noticed, considered for a position and hired.

Look at your CV before sending it to ensure it is easy to read and understand. Do not fill the page with unnecessary words and clutter. It should read clearly and have distinct headings and sections. A hiring manager may not consider your CV if it is not an easy read.

Upload your CV to job boards if this is the only method for sending it to a company that has advertised using a board. Send a formatted CV that uses basic formatting requirements, like those in Microsoft Word. For example, do not send a Word document containing your CV where the margins are minimized. The hiring manager may not be able to see the CV in its entirety and may move on to the next applicant.

Send your CV in the body of an email unless otherwise requested by the employer. For example, some employers will ask you to send CVs in a PDF format or as an attached Word document. Some employers do not open email attachments for fear of viruses or bugs. In some cases, employers may not even be able to open attachments due to security limitations or software incompatibilities.

Write a follow-up email to the company where you have sent your CV. The email should be sent two days after applying, according to the Career Key website. This is an aggressive method, but will ensure that your CV gets noticed.

Make a follow-up call to the employer if you have not had a response from the employer after the follow-up email. If the employer's ad states that no phone calls should be made about the job opening, respect these wishes. If nothing is mentioned about calling, call no later than three days after your original application, according to Career Key.

Ask the hiring manager in your follow-up phone call or email if the company has received your CV and if you are being considered for the position. Be friendly and professional, and avoid giving the impression that you are desperate for the position.