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How to Recruit Insurance Agents

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Hiring talented salespeople can be a key element of your insurance business’s success. To find the best pros in the market, use tried-and-true recruitment methods while also looking outside traditional recruiting pathways.

Industry Networking Organizations

Join business and insurance industry-specific organizations to meet prospective candidates. Successful insurance agents know how to network and often attend these functions as a way to increase leads and prospect for new clients. You may meet an agent interested in switching jobs, or an agency owner that can make a referral to a talented professional looking for work. When pitching your agency, talk about the positive elements of your corporate culture, earning potential and opportunities for advancement.

Recruiting Agencies

Use the services of an insurance industry recruiting service that has an inside track on qualified individuals seeking employment. This approach allows you to set specific parameters for qualifications, experience levels and earning history so you don’t waste time placing job ads and sifting through resumes and cover letters.

Other Industries

A good insurance agent doesn’t necessarily have to come from an insurance background -- they just need to have good people skills, be trainable and have good sales abilities. Consider reaching out to individuals with proven track records in other sales-related or commission-generating arenas, such as membership organizations, auto sales or even retail arenas. If you’re impressed with a salesperson you come across during personal or professional interactions, give them your business card and let them know of your interest.

Colleges Expos

New grads might not have a lot of experience, but if they have the right personality type and a capacity for learning new skills, recent college grads can be good recruitment prospects. Attend college expos or connect with the placement department of local colleges and universities and for help finding qualified candidates. Be prepared to make an investment in new grads through training, job shadowing and licensing.

Employee Referrals

Recruit new prospects through your existing agents. Chances are these professionals know of other great candidates in the industry. Offer referral bonuses for employees who recommend a great prospect and help bring them on to the team.

Make a Great Offer

Recruiting qualified, top-tier insurance agents isn’t just about identifying prospects -- it’s about convincing them to make an investment in your company. Offer competitive salaries and bonus structures, and tout the perks and benefits of working for your organization. Stress flexibility, mentoring and professional development opportunities.


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