How to Open a Lock

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A combination lock is a device that will help protect your valuables while stored in a locker. The lock is operated by a dial that when turned in a special sequence the lock will open. It is simple to open; however, opening the lock does require some concentration until you have mastered it. It may take several attempts before you can successfully open the lock. The important thing to remember is to not forget the sequence of numbers. Some people write down their numbers just in case they do forget it. For this article I will use the code 10, 30 and 20.

Take the combination lock and hold it with one hand. Use the other hand to set the dial to zero.

Turn the dial two full turns to the right until the arrow reaches zero. The arrow should pass the zero twice.

Turn the dial to the right until it is lined up with the 10.

Turn the dial to the left one full turn, passing the 30 once. The second time, stop the arrow on the 30.

Turn the dial to the right and align the arrow up with the 20.

Pull down on the lock to open it.

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