How to Notify Unemployment That You Found a Permanent Job in Texas

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Unemployment benefits help bridge the gap in income that occurs when you lose your job. Companies in Texas pay into a collective unemployment insurance fund to provide weekly income in the event that an employee loses his job through no fault of his own. The Texas Workforce Commission requires beneficiaries to submit weekly payment requests that state their current employment status and the job search activity for the previous week. You must also notify TWC immediately if you find a permanent job. Failing to report a new job may open you up to charges of fraud, and you will have to repay any benefit payment you receive.

Go to the Texas Workforce Commission's Work in Texas website (see Resources). Click the "log on as job seeker" link. If you applied for unemployment benefits online, enter the username and password that you created during the application process. Otherwise, click the "Register" button and follow the prompts to create a user name and password.

Click the "Contact Us" link on your account page. Use the drop-down menu to choose the "I Started a New Job" message heading.

Put the date you started the job, the number of hours you are working and the pay in the message text box. Click "Send" to submit the notice. The TWC will send you an email notification when it receives your notice. You do not have to do anything further.


Be sure to send in a final benefit payment request, because the Texas Workforce Commission will pay any benefits you are owed for the previous week, or partial week, of unemployment.