How to Make Business Cards for Bartending

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Private parties are a great way for a bartender to earn extra money and are a great place to promote your services. Having professional business cards to present to party goers will show you are a reliable, serious business person.

Review the business card templates from the selections offered in the websites in the "Resources" section. Choose your favorite, and download it to your computer's desktop. Check that the template you choose is compatible with the version of Microsoft Word that is on your computer, and that you have business card paper that match your template.

Open Microsoft Word, and go to File--Open. Select the template you downloaded from your desktop. The file name will end with a ".dot" extension.

Select the template text, and replace it with your company's name, address and contact information in the corresponding places in the template.

Highlight any special drinks or services you offer. Do you do theme parties with a special drink menu, like luaus or martinis? Have you created some unique recipes that are always in demand by your clients? Have you won any awards for your bar tending skills? Add a line or two describing your skills, kind of like a slogan.

Indicate whether you offer special rates for repeat customers, or for parties where a large number of attendees don't drink alcoholic beverages. If you have a selection of non-alcoholic specialties, mention them.

Add a coupon to the back of your card, indicating a special offer such as a referral discount, or other marketing programs.

Remember to check the spelling and to check for any errors on the page. Save the file.

Put the blank business card printer sheets into your printer, using the directions from the guidelines included with the paper. Select File--Print. Select one copy, and then click OK. If the first page looks good, you can print more sheets.


You can add bar tending clip art to your template. Check out some of the clip art listed under "Resources" to reflect your business.


When choosing business card paper, avoid choosing stock that clashes with your design.