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How to Find a Job ASAP

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You might be tight for money this month or maybe you have just been laid off. Maybe your spouse has lost a job and part-time hours will no longer be sufficient. Whatever the reason, you are left looking for a job and could use the income as soon as possible. Although you are not in control of whether an employer hires you, you can take proactive steps to ensure you are doing your part in finding a job as soon as possible.

Read your resume and update it as required. Add new job experiences, volunteer community work, or academic or training courses that you have completed.

Read through your local newspaper and highlight every job you are qualified to do. This includes entry-level or assistant jobs. If you need a job immediately, you cannot be picky as to the jobs you do. Apply for the jobs picked out.

Upload your resume and a general cover letter to online job boards, whether national or local. Check these boards daily and apply for the jobs you are qualified for.

Visit local job centers and make an appointment to speak with a clerk. Job centers get listings directly from companies. Job centers, also known as career centers, are open to the public, even if located on school campuses.

Print your resume and keep a stack handy in your handbag. Take a walk around town, local malls, restaurants, cafes and smaller companies to drop off your resume. If you are approaching a company, ask to speak with the human resource manager. Making a memorable first impression can give you the upper hand if you are competing with people who simply emailed their resume. If you are approaching a store or restaurant, ask to speak with the store manager.

Attend job fairs in your area to speak with representatives. This can give you vital information about how to apply for jobs with a specific company, give you direct contacts in the business and give you the opportunity to explain to employers why they should hire you.

Inform everyone you know that you are looking for a job. Attend local events and family gatherings, so you can meet and network with new people. Someone may know of someone who is looking to hire.