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How to Become an Authorized Boost Phone Retailer

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Boost Mobile is a part of the Sprint Prepaid Group by the Sprint Nextel Corp. Boost Mobile offers wireless phones and both flat-rate and pre-paid services, eliminating the need for the standard 2-year contract agreement. Since its launch in Australia in 2000, Boost Mobile has expanded to reach more than 277 million people. According to, Boost-branded wireless phones are available nationwide at nearly 20,000 major retail stores, and approximately 100,000 locations in the U.S. carry Re-Boost, pre-paid Boost Mobile service cards. Such locations include Best Buy and Wal-Mart, as well as Sprint retail stores, television’s HSN, and independent wireless dealer locations. Follow these steps to become one of the many authorized Boost Mobile wireless dealers.

Contact Boost Mobile. Compose an email to Boost Mobile’s Sales Department at [email protected]. Inform them that you are interested in becoming an authorized Boost Mobile retailer. According to Kenneth Beare, of, business emails are less formal than business letters. These emails are short and concise. You can start your email with a simple “Hello” when you don’t know the recipient’s name; however, be sure to introduce yourself and include your own contact information (e.g. email address and phone number).

Follow the guidelines detailed by your Boost Mobile Sales Representative. A Boost Mobile representative will contact you in response to your email. The representative will detail the requirements and benefits of the Boost Mobile Authorized Retailer Program.

Complete the Boost Mobile Authorized Retailer Program. The program requires the candidate to complete two interviews, submit a three-year business plan, as well as submit to a credit check. The complete Sprint's Preferred Retailer program booklet can be found in the resources section of these article.


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