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How to Become a State Marshal

A Connecticut state marshal is not the same thing as a federal marshal. Connecticut created the marshal post in 2000; the first marshals were former deputy sheriffs. State marshals serve summons in foreclosure, divorce and personal injury cases. They also serve subpoenas for small claims court and deliver mechanics liens filed against homeowners. If someone has to be evicted or have their wages garnished, marshals do the job. Marshals are not state employees: They're independent contractors who must be hired for an assignment, whether for government or private individuals.

Move to the county you want to serve in. The Connecticut code specifies the number of marshals serving in each county. When there's a vacancy, the State Marshal Commission will select a replacement from the county's eligible voters.

Avoid any actions that would disqualify you. You can't work as a marshal if you're a state employee or a judge, for instance. If you make a political donation to any state figure with authority to appoint members of the State Marshal Commission, you will have to wait two years before you can become a marshal.

Take the state marshal exam. Once you pass the test -- which requires a minimum score of 80 out of 100 -- you will be on the list of potential appointees for three to five years. If there's an opening in your county and the State Marshal Commission considers you the best candidate, you get the job.

Comply with the requirements for keeping your position. These include paying an annual fee to the State Marshal Commission and taking out $300,000 in personal liability insurance to cover any damages caused by your actions. You must also file a statement of financial interest by May 1 each year.


The state is working on developing more detailed guidelines for marshal's training and qualifications.


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