How to Become a Plumber in Connecticut

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If you are properly trained and licensed, plumbing can provide a steady and well-paid career. Plumbers are traditionally the highest-paid technicians in the construction trades. In Connecticut, as in any state, there is a procedure for becoming licensed to offer your services as a plumber. Make sure you follow state rules on training and licensure before taking up a position or opening a business as a plumber.

Sign up for training courses. You can do this at a technical high school or at a community college. You will most likely cover coursework on water systems, heating systems, piping, valves and vents, along with any elective work you choose. Complete any certificate work that will allow you to gain a recognized qualification.

Contact the Connecticut Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship Training to find out about apprenticeship opportunities in the state. A regional apprenticeship representative will help to match you with a firm.

Become apprenticed to a plumbing firm. If you know where you want to end up working in Connecticut, it can be a huge advantage to do your apprenticeship locally. You will meet other professionals in your industry, and you will also become familiar with local plumbing codes and building officials. Most apprenticeships last four or five years, but you must complete at least two years to be eligible to apply for a Connecticut license.

Apply for a license. In Connecticut, licensure for trades is handled by the Department of Consumer Protection, and you can download the license application from their website (see the Resources section of this article).

Fill in the application and mail it, along with the application fee, to PSI, the agency that handles licensure exams for the state. You will receive notification from the agency within a few weeks if you are considered eligible to test for the license.

Review the Bulletin of Examination Information at PSI’s website before signing up for your exam.

Register with PSI for your test. You can do this either online or by calling 800-733-9267.

Take your test at the PSI location you have chosen. In Connecticut, you can test either in West Hartford or Norwalk. Bring with you some form of photo ID, such as a driver’s license.

Complete the licensing process, as instructed by PSI, when you receive your passing test results. You will be required to forward these, along with details of your apprenticeship, to the Occupational and Professional Licensing Division of the Department of Consumer Protection.