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How to Become a State Certified Welder in Illinois

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Illinois does not offer a state certification for welding. However, you earn your welder's certification with one of the many trade schools or technical colleges throughout the state. The certification you earn through the successful completion of the welding course is valid in any field of work. Once you become a certified welder, your credentials are good anywhere. Check with the welding school offering the program to determine education prerequisites or other requirements for enrollment.

Enroll in an accredited welding program. You may qualify for financial aid through an accredited program. The cost varies with the educational agency offering the training.

Pass the various skill-level requirements required by the course administrator. These requirements may include a specialized math course, blueprint reading and welding theory, as required by Rock Valley College.

Choose a specialized welding course, such as mig, tig or arc welding. You can choose to learn all the welding techniques. Successfully complete the specialized training program. Once you pass the course, you are issued a welder's certificate.

Earn the Certified Welder (CW) certificate from the American Welding Society (AWS) by contacting one of the Illinois testing facilities, such as Illinois Valley Community College, to register for testing. Once your weld has passed inspection by the Certified Welder Inspector, he will send your test results and registration fee to the AWS. Your certification will come in the mail in four to six weeks.

Maintain your certification by sending in proof of work every six months. Your employer must sign a statement attesting that you work in the welding field for which you are certified. Failure to maintain renewal will result in your certification being revoked.


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