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How to Become a Certified Welder in LA

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To work as a welder in Louisiana, you must first become certified. Certification through the American Welders Association requires no specific training or prerequisites. However, to pass the three-part certification exam, proper training is recommended. There are several different types of welding, including sheet metal welding, steel welding, pipeline welding and soldering. Many certified welders go on to become fabricators, engineers and general welders.

Meet all prerequisites for the welding school you will be attending. Welding schools are often found in community and technical colleges. While Louisiana does not require any schooling to work as a welder, passing the American Welding Association (AWS) certification test can be nearly impossible without adequate training.

Attend all courses and earn a degree or certificate in welding. Expect training to last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Contact the AWS to set up a certification test and pay the appropriate fees. Before taking the certification test, you can attend a certification seminar to learn more about the exam.

Take the welding certification test, which will consist of test questions regarding fundamentals of welding, codes and practical application. With the practical application test, you will demonstrate your knowledge by actually welding.

Receive your AWS welding certificate, then begin work as a welder in Louisiana.