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How to Become a Nikon Reseller

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While some companies allow the resale of their products by any individual or business, other companies, such as Nikon, have more stringent requirements to become an approved reseller. The popularity of cameras and camcorders has prompted businesses to expand traditional brick-and-mortar reseller locations. Nikon's products can also be found on nearly every E-commerce platform. Approved Nikon resellers can take advantage of prices not typically advertised to general consumers.

Apply for a DBA, also known as "doing business as," or an assumed name at your city government office. A DBA allows an individual to conduct business as a separate entity and adds to the legitimacy of a business.

Choose a unique business name related to the optical or camera industry. Securing a DBA with a brand name is more likely if the brand name is unique and previously unregistered. A DBA is often a requirement in becoming an authorized reseller as well as in opening a business checking account. A DBA is also a part of the Nikon Authorized Distributor Reseller Application.

Apply for a reseller ID, also known as a tax ID, through your state government. This allows an individual or business to purchase products on a separate tax record. Many states allow you to apply for a tax ID through the state's website.

Open a business checking account for the purposes of becoming a Nikon reseller. Bank relationships are an important part of business-to-business transactions and companies often ask for bank references before creating a business relationship. Provide such documents as your DBA and tax ID if required by your state when opening a business checking account.

Apply for a B2B (business to business) relationship with a distributor who has already been authorized to sell Nikon products. Showing credentials and documents such as a DBA, business checking account information as well as a tax-ID is a crucial in creating a distributor account.

Mail a formal request to become a Nikon reseller. The application can be found at the Nikon website. Ensure that a copy of a DBA and tax-ID is sent along with the Nikon Reseller Application to the following address:.

Nikon Inc. 1300 Walt Whitman Road 4th Floor, Consumer Digital Melville, NY 11747 Attn: CDP Authorization Department


There is no cost associated with obtaining a tax ID, but you must maintain tax obligations once the tax ID is actively used to purchase products on behalf of a business. This official document allows an individual or business to purchase products without paying state or federal taxes that are subject to general consumers. While there is not a direct cost associated with using a tax ID, you must pay a small tax on each product sold to a consumer in your home state on a quarterly basis.

Purchasing Nikon products for resale will require a reseller/tax ID and is a part of the Nikon Reseller Application. Opening a business checking account also requires a reseller/tax ID in many states.

Once approved to be a distributor reseller your business can apply to become an authorized reseller of privileged products. Nikon has rules that protect its brand name and profits. Many of these rules revolve around your companies credibility and following MAP (manufacturer's advertised price) guidelines. More information on these rules and guidelines as well as some major distributors can be found in the Nikon Reseller Application at the Nike website.


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