How to Become a Medicaid Provider in Ohio

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Ohio Medicaid provides medical assistance to eligible low-income families, pregnant women, the elderly, disabled, and children. As a Medicaid provider in the state of Ohio, you can receive reimbursements for providing health care services to Medicaid participants. You can become a provider for Ohio Medicaid if you're providing services as an organization (e.g. hospital or home health agency), practicing group of health care professionals, or individual practitioner, such as a psychologist, chiropractor, dentist, nurse or physician.

Go to and click on "Agencies" in the top left corner of the website. Scroll down and click "Job and Family Services" to be taken to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services' website.

Click the "Ohio Medicaid" link shown on the page. Click the "Providers" section. Click "Provider Enrollment."

Click "Individual Practitioners," "Practitioner Groups" or "Organizations" in the "Documents" list in the right column on the page, depending on the role in which you're providing services.

Click the application link next to the name of the form to open the application.

Complete all sections of the provider enrollment application, using the keys on your keyboard. Click the "Save" button and save the completed form to your computer.

Go back to the "Documents" list on the Provider Enrollment page and click the link for the "IRS W-9" form. Complete this form and save it to your computer, as well.

Print both the required Provider Enrollment Application and IRS W-9 form.

Mail both documents to the Provider Enrollment Unit's Columbus address listed on the enrollment application. Wait approximately four to five weeks to receive an initial approval notification, so that you can begin providing services. Following initial approval, expect the final approval notification to arrive, which contains your Medicaid provider number.


Call the Ohio Medicaid Provider Enrollment Unit's toll-free number at 800-686-1516 if you want to check on the status of your provider enrollment application, have questions, or need assistance.