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How to Become a Gym Teacher in Ontario

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Becoming a gym teacher can be an exciting and fun way to promote health and get an opportunity to work with children. Physical education and health teachers in Ontario must meet certain criteria to become certified to teach in the province.

Receive a post-secondary degree from an accredited post-secondary school. The degree must be at least a three-year program. As long as the university is accredited, a student can attend in Ontario, elsewhere in Canada, or in the United States.

Complete a one-year teacher education program. The Ontario College of Teachers website lists 18 acceptable programs across the state of Ontario. In certain instances, certified teachers from other provinces or the United States can gain certification without completing the teacher education requirement.

Apply to the Ontario College of Teachers to gain certification. You must provide proof of identity, pass a criminal records check and pay the $260 membership fee. One-hundred-forty dollars of the fee is for the original registration fee while $120 will be due each year as an annual membership fee to the college.

Receive your certificate and apply for jobs. The Ontario College of Teachers says that school boards in Ontario recruit from four ministry of education sites which are listed in the resources section of this article.