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South Carolina Substitute Teacher Requirements

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The South Carolina Department of Education doesn't require substitute teachers to meet the same requirements as permanent teachers. For example, substitute teachers need only a high school diploma to apply for a job, but permanent teachers must have a four-year degree and a license to teach. The state allows individual districts to establish requirements and determine pay scales for substitute teachers who teach at schools under their supervision.

Possible Prerequisites

The criteria for substitute teachers varies by district. For example, substitute teachers who apply for jobs in Richland School District Two must be 21 years of age and possess a high school diploma. They must also complete an application packet, provide three professional references, pass a Tuberculosis test, complete a background check, and attend an orientation and training class. Previous experience working with students, organizational strengths, a passion for education and strong communication skills are a plus.

All in a Day's Pay

Substitute teacher pay varies by district. For example, according to 2012 data on the York County District Three website, non-certified substitute teachers earn $55 per day. Out-of-state certified teachers receive $65 per day, in-state certified teachers get $70 per day and retired teachers who still have South Carolina certification receive $100 per day. Long-term substitute teachers can earn up to $130 per day, but teacher certification or a college degree is mandatory.


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