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Average Pay for Substutite Teaching Jobs in Georgia

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Becoming a substitute teacher is an excellent way of supplementing income or gaining needed teaching experience. It is estimated that as much as 10 percent of teachers across the nation are absent from school on any given day. Some of these substitute teaching jobs in Georgia are for very short periods of time while others can last a month or two. Substitute teaching salaries are commensurate according to education levels and whether the teacher is full time or part time. Although substitute teachers in Georgia do not have to have a four year degree, those that do have a bachelors or masters degree earn more than others.

College Graduates

Substitute teachers with a bachelor’s or higher degree are ranked in the first category of substitute teachers. As of 2010 the average daily salary for a college graduate teacher is $60 to $85 a day, but if an assignment is long term, lasting as long as 45 days then the salary is set at a higher rate of approximately $110 a day. This rate can change depending on the county and school district the substitute teacher is working in. The daily pay increases for long term employees of at least 10 consecutive days because there are additional responsibilities and work activities.

Teacher Certificate

Substitute teachers that hold a bachelor’s degree and a teacher’s certificate in the substitute area are preferred. This type of teacher earns a larger daily amount of around $65 to $85 a day, as of 2010. Long-term rates will vary depending on the county and school district being taught in, but teachers holding teacher certificates in the appropriate field can make as much as $190 per day.

Geographic State and Metropolitan Salary Map for Substitute Teachers

Lack of Higher Education

Substitute teachers are not required to have a bachelor’s degree in Georgia but those who don’t have higher education qualifications cannot work long term assignments. Daily pay rate for this type of sub is approximately $55 to $85 a day, depending on the county and school district.


To become a substitute teacher in Georgia a person must fill out a detailed application, take psychological testing, and go through a rigorous interview process. Although substitute teachers are not required to have a bachelor’s or higher-education degree, this type of education is preferred. Substitute teachers who hold teacher’s certificates are given even more preference over others. This means that positions for substitutes who do not have a college degree are reduced. When they are available, often the substitute is not allowed to teach but can only work as a classroom supervisor.


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