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How to Become a Golf Equipment Distributor

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Though it comes with risk, being an entrepreneur is a great way to make good money on your own schedule. One of the best ways of doing this is by becoming a distributor who sells other companies' goods. If you want to be a distributor, though, be a distributor for something that you like. If you are someone who enjoys golf, becoming a golf distributor may be exactly the way for you to go.

Enroll in a drop-shipping program like Doba. The main virtue of drop-shipping is that you can sell things without actually buying them first. Additionally, you don't have to jump through any corporate hoops to get approved as a distributor, and you are not limited to a specific brand of golf equipment. With Doba, you can start immediately with minimal investment. The disadvantage of drop-shipping, though, is that it is 100% Internet-based, and you get a much smaller cut of the profit.

Apply at YOB Golf. Entering their distributor framework will allow you to access name-brand equipment relatively easily and market to both Internet and "real world" customers. However, they may require more credentials than Doba.

Start a traditional brick-and-mortar store, and place a large order of wholesale merchandise. Obviously, this will require much more start-up capital than the other two options, but the profit margin can be significantly higher.


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